Symposium:TPFC 2019; Feb. 18-20, 2019

Topological Phases and Functionality of Correlated Electron Systems


Nearby hotels are listed below. Early reservation is strongly recommended as hotels near the venue and in Tokyo are usually very busy at that time of the year mainly due to the entrance examination season in Japan.

Mitsui Garden Hotel Kashiwa-no-ha
(Located next to the Kashiwanoha Campus Station)

Address: 48-2 Kashiwanoha Campus, 178-4
Wakashiba,Kashiwa-city, Chiba, 277-0871
Phone: +81-4-7134-3131

Hotel Sunoak Kashiwano-ha(in Japanese)
(Approx. 10 mins. walk from the Kashiwanoha Campus Station)

Address: 281-104 Wakashiba,
Kashiwa-city, Chiba, 277-0871
Phone: +81-4-7135-3009

U. Tokyo Kashiwa Guesthouse
(Located on the U. Tokyo Kashiwa Campus)

If you would like to stay at the campus guesthouse, please contact us at:
Please note, however, that the on-campus accommodation cannot be guaranteed because the number of rooms available is very limited.