Symposium:TPFC 2019; Feb. 18-20, 2019

Topological Phases and Functionality of Correlated Electron Systems

Topological Phases and Functionality of Correlated Electron Systems

Preparation of Your Poster

The dimensions of the poster board are: 120 cm wide x 190 cm long. It is therefore suggested your poster be of the size A0 (84.1 x 118.9 cm; 33.11 x 46.81 inches) in portrait orientation. Please note that due to space limitations, a poster in a landscape format cannot be displayed.

Poster Session

For the lunch & poster session on Day 2 (Tue., Feb 21), a complimentary light meal will be provided for registered participants.


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Scientific Program

Dates: Monday, February 20 – Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Conference Dinner

Date: Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Time: 6.00 pm - 8.00 pm
Location: Near the symposium venue

On the Tuesday evening of Feb.21, the Conference Dinner will be held to help TPFC2017 participants get to know more about each other over delicious foods and drinks. Please pay the banquet fee (4,000 JPY; 2,000 JPY for students) at the registration desk on the morning of Day 1 (Mon., Feb 20), not on the conference dinner date. No payment can be accepted at the conference dinner location. 

Feb. 20th (Mon)

9:00-~10:00 Registration
Morning Session (Chair: Satoru Nakatsuji)
10:00-~10:10 Opening
10:10~10:45 Leon Balents (U. California, Santa Barbara)
Interplay of real and momentum space topological defects
10:45~11:20 YoshiChika Otani (U. Tokyo)
Spin Hall Effects in a Chiral Antiferromagnet Mn3Sn
11:20~11:55 Ryotaro Arita (RIKEN)
Cluster multipole theory for the anomalous Hall effect in antiferromagnets
Afternoon Session I (Chair: Norio Kawakami)
14:00~14:35 Yong Baek Kim (U. Toronto)
Quantum spin liquid and anomalous Hall effect in correlated topological materials
14:35~15:10 Collin Broholm (Johns Hopkins U.)
Disorder versus fractionalization in frustrated quantum magnets(tentative)
Coffee break
Afternoon Session II (Chair: Collin L. Broholm)
15:40~16:15 Yoshifumi Tokiwa (U. Augsburg)
Thermal conductivity of exotic elementary
16:15~16:50 Simon Trebst (U. Cologne)
Spin liquids and (Majorana) metals
16:50~17:15 Joji Nasu (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.)
Thermal transport in the Kitaev model

Feb. 21st (Tues)

Morning Session I (Chair: Achim Rosch)
9:00~9:35 Takashi Oka (MPI-PKS and CPfS)
Floquet engineering and control of topology in solid state systems 
9:35~10:10 Naoto Nagaosa (U. Tokyo)
Nonlinear and nonreciprocal responses of topological matters
Coffee break
Morning Session II (Chair: Allan H. MacDonald)
10:40~11:15 Istvan Kezsmarki (Budapest U. Tech. and Economics)
Neel-type skyrmions in multiferroic lacnuar spinels
11:15~11:50 Masaaki Shimozawa (U. Tokyo)
Anomalous thermal and magnetic properties of the chiral antiferromagnet Mn3Sn
Group Photo
Poster Preview ( Lunch box provided )


(Lunch box provided)

Coffee break
Afternoon Session I (Chair: Luis Balicas)
15:50~16:25 Clifford Hicks (MPI-CPfS)
Lifting lattice symmetries with uniaxial pressure
16:25~17:00 Norio Kawakami (Kyoto U.)
Bulk/Edge Properties of Topological Mott Insulators
17:00~17:35 Wei Han (Peking U.)
Spin injection and inverse Edelstein effect in the surface states of topological Kondo insulator SmB6

Feb. 22nd (Wed)

Morning Session I (Chair: Yoshichika Otani)
9:00~9:35 Yoshinori Tokura (RIKEN)
Magnetoelectric responses from topological magnets
9:35~10:10 Geoffrey Beach (MIT)
Room-Temperature Magnetic Skyrmions in Metallic Ferromagnets
Coffee break
Morning Session II (Chair: Leon Balents)
10:40~11:15 N. Peter Armitage (The Johns Hopkins U.)
Quantized Faraday and Kerr Rotation and Axion Electrondynamics of a 3D Topological Insulator
11:15~11:50 Allan MacDonald (U. Texas)
Influence of electron-electron iteraction on the QSH/NI phase transition
Afternoon Session I (Chair: Oleg Tchernyshyov)
14:50~15:25 Yaroslav Tserkovnyak (UCLA)
Q(a)HE in TI’s and graphene: The magnetization dynamics perspective
15:40~16:00 Hiroyuki Fujita (U. Tokyo)
Coffee break
Afternoon Session II (Chair: Masaki Oshikawa)
15:30~16:05 Luis Balicas (NHMFL / Florida State U.)
Impurity dependent superconductivity, Berry phase and bulk Fermi surface of the Weyl type-II semi-metal candidate MoTe2
16:05~16:30 Hiroaki Ishizuka (U. Tokyo)
Photocurrent in Weyl Semimetals from Electromagnetic Induction in Momentum Space
116:30~17:05 Achim Rosch (U. Cologne)
Pumping approximately integrable systems
17:05~17:40 Closing


Poster Session
P01 Chigak Itoi (Nihon U)
Whenever replica symmetry breaking occurs in quantum systems
P02 Yun Tak Oh (Sungkyunkwan U)
Resonating Valence Bond State with Trimer Motifs
P03 Akito Kobayashi (Nagoya U)
Spin susceptibilities of correlated Dirac fermions in organic conductor alpha-(BEDT-TTF)2I3
P04 Masanori Yamanaka (Nihon U)
First Brillouin polytope and Dirac cone in four dimensional diamond lattice
P05 Aron Beekman (Keio U)
Dual gauge field theory of quantum liquid crystals
P06 Hiroyuki Fujita (ISSP, U Tokyo)
Spintronic Control of Non-collinear Chiral AFMs
P07 Kazumasa Hattori (Tokyo Metropolitan U)
Two-particle backscattering at the edge of two-dimensional topological insulators: quantum Monte Carlo analysis
P08 Takahiro Chiba (IMR, Tohoku U)
Magnetic-proximity-induced magnetoresistance on topological insulators
P09 Shun Okumura (U Tokyo)
Quantum Monte Carlo study of a monoaxial chiral magnetic conductor
P10 Mohamed Oudah (Kyoto U)
Superconductivity in the Antiperovskite Oxide Sr3-xSnO
P11 Ryoya Sano (U Tokyo)
Kitaev-Heisenberg Hamiltonian for a Spin-orbit Mott Insulator with High-spin d7 configuration
P12 Hikaru Takeda (ISSP, U Tokyo)
Local magnetic properties on a quantum spin ice at finite temperature investigated by 91Zr NMR on Pr2Zr2O7
P13 Tomonari Mizoguchi (U Tokyo)
Effect of interaction between fractional charges on classical spin liquid on kagome lattice
P14 Pitr Mishchenko (U Tokyo)
Finite-temperature phase transition to the Kitaev spin liquid on a hyperoctagon lattice
P15 Katsuhiro Morita (Tokyo U Science)
Static and Dynamic Magnetic Properties of S =1/2 Inequilateral Diamond-Chain Compounds A3Cu3AlO2(SO4)4 (A =K, Rb, Cs)
P16 Hiromu Araki (U Tsukuba)
Weak and strong phases of the Fu–Kane–Mele model by entanglement hamiltonians
P17 Ryo Ozawa (U Tokyo)
Skyrmion crystals with a high topological charge in itinerant magnets
P18 Kenji Yasuda (U Tokyo)
Spin-orbit torque magnetization switching and current-nonlinear Hall effect in a magnetic topological insulator
P19 Daichi Kurebayashi (IMR, Tohoku U)
Voltage- and Current-driven spin torques in Weyl semimetals
P20 Yusuke Sugita (U Tokyo)
Dirac cones in transition metal trichalcogenides: effects of spin-orbit coupling and electron correlations
P21 Zhao Huang (Keio U)
Theoretical Study on Arrays of Interacting Majorana Modes with Supersymmetry
P22 Yoshi Kamiya (RIKEN)
Deviations from semi-classical spin dynamics in frustrated quantum magnets with magnetic order
P23 Kohei Kawabata (U Tokyo)
Majorana zero modes without edges
P24 Ken N. Okada (U Tokyo)
Persistent spin helix and beyond in a Kondo lattice model with Rashba-Dresselhaus spin-orbit coupling
P25 Junki Yoshitake (U Tokyo)
Spin Dynamics in 2D and 3D Kitaev models
P26 Yukihisa Imamura (Kyoto U)
Majorana representation and derivation of dualities from the viewpoint of coupled wire construction
P27 Yukiko Omori (Toyota College, Nat. Inst. of Tech.)
Conductivity of topological domain wall and edge states on a molecular Dirac electron system alpha-(BEDT-TTF)2I3
P28 Masaki Tezuka (Kyoto U)
The dynamics and proposal for experimental study of the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model and related models
P29 Fumiyuki Ishii (Kanazawa U)
First-principles study of anomalous Nernst effect in skyrmion crystals
P30 Takumi Ohtsuki (ISSP, U Tokyo)
Magnetoresistance and anomalous Hall effect in pyrochlore iridate Pr2Ir2O7 epitaxial thin films
P31 Yasuhiro Nagaoka (ISSP, U Tokyo)
Field-Induced Quantum Critical Phenomena in quadrupole Kondo lattice PrV2Al20
P32 Akito Sakai (ISSP, U Tokyo)
Anomalous Hall effect in nodal metallic spin ice Pr2Ir2O7
P33 Yasuyuki Shimura (ISSP, U Tokyo)
Quantum Limit in the Heavy Fermion Metal -YbAlB4
P34 Masaki Tsujimoto (ISSP, U Tokyo)
Non-Fermi liquid behaviors due to 2 channel Kondo effect in multipolar system PrV2Al20
P35 Tomoya Higo (ISSP, U Tokyo)
Geometrically frustrated magnetism in the Heisenberg pyrochlore antiferromagnets AYb2X4 (A = Cd and Mg, X = S and Se)
P36 Zhaoming Tian (ISSP, U Tokyo)
Field inversion asymmetry of magnetoresistance in Nd2Ir2O7 single crystal
P37 Shintaro Suzuki (ISSP, U Tokyo)
High temperature antiferromagnetism and Kondo insulating behavior in α-YbAl1-xMnxB4
P38 Nobuyuki Okuma (U Tokyo)
Magnon Spin Texture in Momentum Space
P39 Motoi Kimata (ISSP, U Tokyo)
Spin-charge conversion induced by anomalous Hall effect in a chiral antiferromagnet
P40 Taishi Chen (ISSP, U Tokyo)
Topological Hall effect in geometrically frustrated hexagonal antiferromagnetic Heusler compound TbAuSn
P41 Naoya Arakawa (CEMS, RIKEN)
Multiorbital effects leading to a two-dimensional spin system on the three-dimensional pyrochlore lattice
P42 Takanori Sugimoto (Tokyo U Science)
Reconstruction of Majorana Fermions Induced by Anisotropy in XYZ Spin Chain
P43 Tianyu Liu (U. British Columbia)
Quantum Oscillations without magnetic field
P44 Nan Tang (ISSP, U Tokyo)
Quantum fluctuations in the Kagome spin ice state of Pr2Zr2O7
P45 Danru Qu (ISSP, U Tokyo)
Inverse Spin Hall Effect in Au-Ta Alloys
P46 Takahiro Tomita (ISSP, U Tokyo)
Strange metal phase without magnetic criticality in heavy fermion superconductor beta-YbAlB4
P47 Hyunyong Lee (ISSP, U Tokyo)
DMRG study of disordered quantum spin chains with long range antiferromagnetic interactions